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Donjoy Technology was evaluated "2023 Provincial High -tech Enterprise Research and Development Center"

A few days ago, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the "List of New Provincial Enterprise Research Institutions in 2023". After several rounds of strict review and publicity, Donjoy Technology was identified as the research and development center of the provincial high -tech enterprise in 2023. After being awarded the "Zhejiang Provincial Specialized New Center Enterprise", this is another provincial high -tech honor that awarded in year 2023.

It is understood that the Research and Development Center of High -tech Enterprises in Zhejiang Province is an important part of the Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation System. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau recommends and the expert team has approved the construction conditions after reviewing and screening. The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology has strict assessment in terms of enterprise scale, scientific research conditions, scientific research results, and talent teams. It is required to be selected as national high -tech enterprises. With the conditions and infrastructure required for scientific research and development, achievement transformation, and high -tech industrialization.

As a national high -tech enterprise & Zhejiang Province special new SMEs, Donjoy Technology has continued to increase the research and development investment of intelligent sanitary valves, strengthen technology research, promote the continuous breakthrough and progress of core technology, and launch a variety of leading leaders The high -precision valve controller and feeder, the explosion -bargaining intelligent sanitary valve positioner fills the gap in the market In recent years.
The approved research and development center of the provincial high -tech enterprise in 2023 is not only the government's high affirmation of Donjoy's research and development strength and industrialization capabilities, marking the new steps of the research and development strength of Donjoy Technology.

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