Millipore Filter


●The principle is same as micro-filter's. It can prevent the outside particulates coming into the storage tank due to th...

Filter + condensation water

Filter with condensation water mainly applies in the container system Connection size:1"-2.5",DN25-DN65 Filter area: sin...

Micro pore filter

Micro pore filter can eliminate the particulates and bacteria larger than 0.1um from liquids and gas due to the followin...

File Description Language Size
Millipore Filter Micropore filter is a kind of membrane filter. There are different choices of filtration accuracy ... English 6.61MB
Manhole Round manhole, oval manhole, square manhole, non-press manhole, etc ... English 5.22MB
Sight & Lighting Straight-through sight glass, four-way sight glass, You Ren mirror, clamp sight glass, flange sight glass, etc ... English 8.25MB
Sanitary Fittings Pipe fittings include various fittings such as ren, clamps, elbows, tees, etc ... English 47.29MB

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