Animated Video

The animation video display is mainly to give customers a clearer understanding of the working principle of the product. The inherent strength may be slightly different. At the same time, DONJOY reserves the right to update the animation at any time.
If you need more detailed product information, please contact us!

Twin Screw Pump-Worry-free particle transfer ...
Emulsification homogenization pump-homogenization, crushing, refinement, emulsification ...
Next-generation cleaning technology-360 ° no dead angle cleaning
Anti-Mixing Double Seat Valve-Automatic Control Valve Array System
Single seat valve
Butterfly valve
Rotor Pump-TU
Multi-stage emulsification and homogenization pump, crushing, refinement, disaggregation ...
Multi-stage centrifugal pump-DLX, head 210 meters, flow 100m3
Centrifugal pump-MLX, flow 2000m3, material SS 304 / SS316L
Flexible impeller pump, no damage to particles, negative pressure-0.7bar ...
Twin screw pump, a pump with both a positive displacement pump and a centrifugal pump ...

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