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Wenzhou people's congress standing committee,deputy director of Gaozhu zhuo of his party visit Donjoy.

Wenzhou people's congress standing committee, deputy director of Gaozhu zhuo of his party visit Donjoy.

To grasp the development of wenzhou pump and valve industry, to the next step developing direction, Gaozhu zhuo, director of the relevant department head conditions around the production and operation of an enterprise, market orders and labor contract and so on ,of research Donjoy technology co., LTD.

In the research, leaders pay close attention to enterprise's development situation, carefully ask enterprises’ difficulties and problems existing in the development process, and discuss the solution with the enterprise, to help solve the problem.

The general manager of our company Guangwu Xiang said, market potential is good, our products are sold to countries all over the world, but at the current, scale of production can't satisfy the demand of the market, without a good environment, there is no good hardware facilities, unable to retain talent, so we expand production scale, form the industrial chain, promote the development of industry in wenzhou airport economic new area.

In the symposium,Gaozhu zhuo fully affirmed the Donjoy in science and technology development of the pump valve industry in wenzhou. And he points out, high purity control valve, high purity pump industry is the emerging technology industry, and broad prospects. To speed up the development of wenzhou, the enterprise must speed up the pace of reform, to establish a new mechanism to adapt to market economy, the enterprise can traveling light, constantly full of vitality and vigor. Municipal party committee municipal government will fully support enterprise development, let the enterprise to achieve anticipated goal as soon as possible, make efforts to create a good environment for development, hope that entrepreneurs have to be full of confidence, let go bold development, achieve win-win situation.

He pointed that the development of enterprise is the development of economy in wenzhou, wenzhou should pay special attention to the industrial economy, implement the strategy of industrial, through the joint efforts of everyone, achieve better and faster development of enterprise, promote the speed of development of wenzhou economy.