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When calibrate positive displacement pumps such as gear pumps and screw pumps

When calibrate positive displacement pumps such as gear pumps and screw pumps
Positive displacement pumps such as gear pumps and screw pumps are not foolproof after leaving the factory. Due to transportation reasons or long-term storage, the connection between the gear pump, screw pump and the motor will shift, in order to prevent the shift from bringing about the service life of the pump Impact, we have to calibrate gear pumps, screw pumps and other pump sets, divided into the following periods, Hengsheng Pump Industry will share.

1. Preliminary calibration before leaving the factory

Before leaving the factory, the staff assemble the gear pump, screw pump and other pumps, align the center of the pump shaft with the center of the motor shaft, and mainly adjust the centering of the coupling. Use the dial indicator measurement method to install the special fixture (the wheel clamp) on the half coupling used as a reference (usually installed on the shaft of the main engine) to realize the alignment of the coupling.

2. Calibrate after arriving on site

Gear pumps, screw pumps and pump sets arrive at the site after being transported. When the pump and base are received on site and initially placed on the foundation, a centering calibration will be performed. It is also necessary to calibrate before grouting or connecting the pipe to the pump, otherwise it will not be easy to calibrate once the foundation is fixed.

3. Calibration in foundation grouting

In the process of grouting the base, the base tends to be bent or moved, causing problems with the center. A large amount of heat is generated when the cement slurry is solidified, which may change the expansion force of the parameter setting. When the piping is connected to the pump after the base is properly grouted, the alignment of the center should not be changed.

4. Calibrate during regular maintenance

After gear pumps, screw pumps, etc. have been running for a period of time, the entire pump set may be displaced due to the loosening of the fixing bolts and nuts. During regular maintenance of the pump equipment or when the pump is shut down for a long period of time, the alignment of the pump and the motor should be calibrated. To prevent misalignment from damaging the shaft, seal, etc.