Flanged check valves


◎Check valve is designed to prevent fluid from flowing back and ensure the flow to one way direction.
◎It can be used to reduce the loss of fluid back suction,avoid pipe-hammering.
◎It is used in the food-processing, beverages, winery, oil, cosmetics,pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries.

Operating Principles

◎The valve is open when pressure of the fluid exceeds the spring pressure and it is closed when the two pressures are close equal.And stronger counter-pressure also makes the valve closed.

Design and Features

◎Specifications: DN-50/2" TO DN-300/12"
◎Boby/shaft: AISI 316L/304
◎Spring: AISI 304
◎Seal: EPDM according to FDA177.2600
◎Surface Treatment: Ra ≤0.8 μm
◎Seal:NBR, FPM (Viton) or PTFE. FDA 177.2600(optional)
◎Connections: weld, thread, clamp, DIN, SMS, RJT, IDF, ISO,3A
◎Max. pressure:10 bar
◎Opening pressure:0.3bar(DN-25)0.2bar(DN-32/40)0.1bar(DN-50/100)
◎Working temperature : -10℃ to 130℃(EPDM)

  • Flanged check valves
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