Globe Valve regulating valve


Globe type regulating valve is mainly used in the flow control valve adjustment. Only stainless steel part and PTFE have contact with media and maximum temperature is 180 ℃, Pressure up to 20bar, which can also be used in vacuum environment. According to the design of valve body without dead angle, surface roughness up to Ra0.4 μ m, valve seal with embedded designs, it is used very broadly covering almost all sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, food andbeverage, brewery, chemical and other industries. The valve is particularly suitable for steam flow regulating control system.

Design Features

◆Size: 1/2"-3", DN10-DN80
◆Material: CF8/304、CF8M/316
◆Connection : Clamp, thread, flange,BSP、BSP、NPT、DIN
◆Working pressure:8bar(standard)     10bar(Options)
◆Working temperature:130℃(standard)   180℃(Options)

Valve Positioner

●0/4...20mA to 0...5/10V(standard
●0/4...20mA Position feedback output (Options)
●Device NET Device Net bus control (Options)
●Support single self-tuning function
●Protection grade IP67
●Power Supply DC 24V ±10%
●Support manual and automatic operation

  • Globe Valve regulating valve
  • Globe Valve regulating valve
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