Cleaning drain valve


The valve, mainly solves problem that cleaning ball long-term bubbles in the medium of the dead leg so that easy to produce bacteria to pollute media. Cleaning drain valve begins cleaning when it opens.  It prevents cleaning ball and from medium  to avoid the dead angle.
Cleaning drain valve, is designed for pipeline and tank cleaning equipment online cleaning line.
 ●Typical applications

1)The bottom of the tank cleaning: can online tank bottom cleaning, cleaning fluid recovery, leak detection valve, high efficiency, economy, no dead angle, no detention
2)The tank wall and the pipeline cleaning

Technical Features

●Size:DN25/1" to DN100/4"
●Air supply:4-7bar
●Material:ASTM 304/1.4301,316L/1.4404
●inner surface treatment:Ra<0.8μm
●Surface treatment: sand blasting, polishing
●Configuration options: position sensor, control unit


  • Cleaning drain valve
  • Cleaning drain valve
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