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DONJOY devotes to
synchronize with the world industrial technology

Donjoy is involved in the field of bio-pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals from the world of industrial processes relying on the raw cast into the cornerstone of modern society. It is also able to provide advanced security equipment and technology to transfer raw materials more effectively, while minimize the maintenance and overhaul time as well as the impact on the environment.

Building Trust

Donjoy has extensive biopharmaceutical product technology, such as high purity pumps, control valves, intelligent automatic control valves, pressure safety control technology, equipment cleaning technology, lighting technology, and ASME BPE pipes and fittings. Our design combines USA-ASME BPE, 3-A, EU EHDEG high standard of clean technologies, and 3-A certification by the United States. These products are designed to meet the dead zone = 1D, so that you can ensure the cleanliness of the overall system.