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High purity pumps, valves, pipes, make a taste of success

Evolving world needs more food. Meanwhile, food manufacturers are also seeking better processing technologies and solutions to cope with the growing production costs, tighter government regulation and industry standards, food safety concerns, and flexible customer preferences.

In Donjoy, we understand the market opportunities, market trends and challenges of the food and beverage industry.

Close to customer demand

From durable high purity fluid control valve to the pump and pipe fittings, we can provide the right solutions to help customers improve processes, increase profitability, and to have quick response facing changing customer and market demands.

Donjoy solution, including a variety of product technology, which is designed specifically for long-term use with features of persistence, reliability, and routine maintenance is convenient. Outstanding product design and strict quality management to ensure that products and systems meet the highest international hygiene standards.

At the same time, professional process control technology, customized services and ongoing research and development, make our solutions help customers meet the challenges of environmental, regulatory and other aspects together.