Mixproof valve / double seat valve

◆The mixproof valve is widely used in fluid processing technology, especially in the beverage, dairy industry applications.
◆Mixproof valve is a high degree of double-seal valve. There are two models that one is the valve chamber outside with the self-cleaning and one is cleaning fluid valve chamber with cleaning guidelines. Through the interface between two fluids, this system can be implemented in two body synchronization process, preventing the possibility of contaminating materials. Discharge chamber and a leak detector can improve the system through the valve seat for cleaning.

Mixproof valve / double seat valve

◆Size:DN40-1.1/2" to DN100-4"
◆Material:ASTM 316L,1.4404
◆Surface finish:Ra≤0.8μm
◆Air supply:5-7bar

Mixproof tank bottom valve

●Size: DN40-1.1/2"to DN100-4"
●The valve is equipped with a normally closed pneumatic actuator
●Forged ball valve body
●Compact design
●If there is a gush of fluid leaks from bottom of valve tube, you can determine whether the seal is damaged
●Easy to remove( just removing the clamps is enough)
●Welded connection (mm or inch)
●Balance Protection Design
●Max.Operating Pressure:10bar
●Min.Operating Pressure:Absolute vacuum
●Working temperature:-10℃ - 130℃(140℃ For short periods or disinfection)

Mixproof valve manifold

The manifold can be assembled by containers with various functions together. It can improve working efficiency of system and control the whole production process. The manifold can choose any flexible hose pipe and jet deviator to change the flexure automatically. The kind of automatic operation is safe, flexible and effective. One set of manifold can served to multi pipelines. Meanwhile other containers are filled in or empty, operator can clean up any one of them. The liquid won't be polluted.