Mixproof valve / double seat valve


Pneumatic double seat valve is designed to meet when there are two different product flows through the same valve, both guarantee to prevent fluid mixing and be convenient for monitoring the working condition.The valve is used in dairy products, beverages, beer, and other high purity requirements of the process piping systems.
◆This valve is normally closed(NC) by remotely being controlled through compressed air .This valve is companied with two small pneumatic valves(Normally open) to monitor of the valve seal leakage
◆Plue(upper stem inside of a changever valve) has two seals, which forms a leakage chamber between each other. The leakage medium flows into the chamber and discharges through detector valve. Supplying air to actuator can make the valve clean in place. During cleaning, fluid flows directly to the plug. This valve is unsensitive to water hammer effect.

Technical specifications

◆Size:DN40-1.1/2" to DN100-4"
◆Material:ASTM 316L,1.4404
◆Surface finish:Ra≤0.8μm
◆Air supply:5-7bar

Control unit

●Power Supply :DC 24V±10%
●Single-acting (standard), double acting (option)
●Self-adjusting valves feature feedback
●Supports analog signal (4-20mA) & amp; electrical signal (DC24V) Output
●Support AS-I BUS
●Supports manual and automatic operation

  • Mixproof valve / double seat valve
  • Mixproof valve / double seat valve
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