Breathing Valve (Pressure Adjustable)


This valve used in pressure vessel or pipe system,with multiple functions, negative pressure (vacuum) and adjustable pressure setting:
◆ 1)when pressure is higher than the set pressure (standard 1 bar)release air, Otherwise is closed;(pressure regulator can be set)
◆ 2)when the pipe system in vacuum (standard - 0.9 bar) valve automatically open. this to ensure the equipment and related instrument security, at the same time it can meet various production process demand. This valve with the full stainless steel materials, hygienic design,

Technical Specifications

◆Size: 1"-2", DN25-DN50
◆Connection: Clamp, welding, thread, DIN、SMS、IDF、ISO
◆Material: ASTM 304/1.4301, 316L1.4404
◆Gasket: EPDM  FPM
◆Pressure: 0.5......2bar
◆Vacuum: 0.3......0.9bar
◆Temperature: -10℃-130℃

  • Breathing Valve (Pressure Adjustable)
  • Breathing Valve (Pressure Adjustable)
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