Vent Valve


Exhaust valve is a reliable automatic exhaust valve, on-demand to clear the air, mounted vertically on top of the pipe or vessel, or at the inlet of the pump at the installation.
Here below are two examples of pplications.
Example 1:Air cavity is formed due to the installation of the pipeline, and thus need to release air. In this case the valve is installed at the top of the pipe.
Example 2:Discharge air at inside of the pipeline of the pump. When the pump opened the air will be automatically discharged and forming a vaccum.In order to avoid the air mixed with products and the apperance of cavitation. In this case the valve is installed in front of the pump, on top of the inlet pipe.

Working Principle

Air Release valve is a double-seat valve with a freely movable plastic ball. The ball, which is lighter than water, According the conditions of pressure to close the upper or lower valve seat.

Technical Specifications

●Size: 1"-1.5", DN25-DN40
●Connection mode : Clamps, welding, thread,DIN、SMS、IDF、ISO
●Aterial: ASTM 304/1.4301, 316L1.4404
●Seal ring: EPDM  FPM
●Pressure: 10bar
●Temperature: -10℃-130℃

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