Constant pressure valve/Back-pressure valve

◆The valve is a sanitary constant pressure valve, to be applied to the food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other areas of the pipeline system.
◆onstant pressure design has two kinds to maintain a constant pressure function selection:
1) V type (inlet constant pressure); maintain constant pressure at the valve inlet. Such design is specially applied at the back of heat-exchanger. It is used as safety valve.
2) A type (Outlet constant pressure): maintain constant pressure at the outlet. Such design is used as the front of filling machine and bottle filling machine.

Miniature Constant Pressure Regulating Valve

◆KV Value:10-21m³/h
◆Contact part of the material: 1.4404/316L, other parts: 304
◆Seal: EPDM+PTFE(FDA177.2600)
◆Connection mode : Clamps, welding, thread,ISO、DIN、SMS、RJT
◆Surface: sand blast outside, mirror finished inside (Ra≤0.6μm)
◆Working temperature: -10 to 150 ℃
◆Working pressure: 8 bar
◆The max working pressure: 12 bar Supercheuger(option)