Electric butterfly ball valve


●The butterfly-type ball valve can be installed in pipeline and equipment with process controller, such as food, beverages, wine, dairy products, pharmaceutical and other high technology requirements of the pipeline.

Design Features

●Material :304/1.4301,316L/1.4404
●Max. temperature:-30℃ - 130℃
●Max. pressure: Vacuum to 10bar
●Small torque moment
●Excretable(Washable CIP) (option)
●Handle can be installed on the side of the valve body, no matter what the flow direction is.
●Valve body can be replaced in any connections. And the length will not change.

Electric Actuator

Electric actuator: switch type, regulating type, passive contact
Power Supply:DC 24V AC 110V 220V
Opening and closing time:10/S-100/S
Torque:6N.M - 2000N.M
Protection grade: IP67
Explosion-proof: EX DII BT4 (option)


  • Electric butterfly ball valve
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