Mixproof Butterfly Valve-type B

Double seat butterfly valves can be used in food-processing, pharmacy and chemical industries. Leakage Butterfly Valve offers an easy and safe separatation of products and prevents accidental mixing in case of gasket failure. The most usual applications is that require safe separation of the product and CIP solutions in a single point (not in manifolds), or at the end of a manifold (e.g. CIP return) or entry of a CIP solution into a tank (through a spray ball).

Mixproof Butterfly Valve Type-A

The mixproof butterfly valve as a process element for the separation of media, is suitable for a variety of applications:
●In CIP systems, for separating CIP media
●In flush-out processes
●In water management
●As pipe section shut-off valve for separating media
●In CIP/gas management (breweries)
●At storage tanks for separating product/CIP
● As the valve matrix in the CIP return valve
● Especially for liquids and no suspensions / gas medium particles.