Mixproof tank bottom valve

●Size:DN40-1.1/2"to DN100-4"
●The valve is equipped with a normally closed pneumatic actuator
●Forging ball type of valve body
●Compact design
●If there is a gush of fluid leaks from bottom of valve tube, you can determine whether the seal is damaged
●Easy to disassemble, just remove the clamps is enough

Pneumatic tank bottom valve

●Size:DN25/1"to DN100/4"
●Temperature :130℃
●Air supply:4-7bar
●Material:ASTM 304/1.4301,316L/1.4404

Manual tank bottom valves

●Size:DN25/1"to DN100/4"
●Temperature :130℃
●Air supply:4-7bar
●Material:ASTM 304/1.4301,316L/1.4404

Tank bottom valve/Discharge valve

●The tank bottom seat valve is a pneumatically operated single seat valve, assembled at the bottom of tank to be ,used in diary,food processing, beverage,pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.
●Tank bottom valve is used to vent the container material and the material will not be stuck in the valve chamber. The design of the seat opens to the inside of the container avoiding the overvoltage because the pipe leads to the possibility of accidental opening of the valve. The tank bottom valve has two designs in 45 ° and 90 ° , pneumatic manual interchangeable.

Manual tank bottom valve

●Size:DN25/1" to DN100/4"
●Air supply:4-7bar
●Material:ASTM 304/1.4301,316L/1.4404

Manual tank bottom ball valve

Size: 1/2"-4",DN10-DN100
Temperature :-30 to 150℃
Material :304/1.4301,316L/1.4404
◎Without dismantling the pipeline, you can remove valve for repairing
◎Operating torque is small
◎Gaskets:FDA 177.1550
◎Connection : Clamp, weld, thread,DIN,SMS,ISO,IDF,BPE,RJT
◎No matter what the connection mode, the valve can be replaced

Pneumatic tank bottom ball valve

●Max. temperature:-30℃-130℃
●Max.Pressure:Vacuum to 10bar
●Operating torque is small
●No matter what the flow of fluid is, the handle can be mounted on the side of the valve body
●No matter what kind of connection, the valve body can be replaced, the total length without changing the valve

Radial tank bottom diaphragm valve

●Mainly used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health care, cosmetics and food industry etc.
●In the pharmaceutical industry, the valve can be used as process control valves, dosing valves, sampling valves and sterile drain valve, etc.
●In the food industry, the valve is often used as the guiding device, such as sampling valve, dosing valve (such as adding CO2/Nitrogen to beer, add seasoning to drink). Radial diaphragm valves, mainly manual and pneumatic valve body, internal polished finish Ra is less than or equal to 0.5um, to meet the requirements of bio pharmaceutical industry.

Diaphragm tank bottom valve

Manual tank bottom diaphragm valve, applies specifically to pharmaceutical equipment media vent
◎Pressure:10bar(145 PSI)
◎Material:ASTM 316L,1.4404,1.4435 NB2 Fe<0.5%
◎Temperature:-20℃ - 150℃
◎Connection : Clamp, weld, thread,3A BPE DIN SMS IDF ISO
◎Valve body Structure:U-type tee+sampling valve,U-type tee
◎Diaphragm material:EPDM+PTFE(Double-deck)/EPDM/Silicon/FPM(Vitong)
◎Certificate :3A-54-02/1580,PED 97/23 EC,,FDA177.2600

Pneumatic tank bottom diaphragm valve

Pneumatic tank bottom diaphragm valve,applies specifically to the medium of the pharmaceutical equipment venting and emissions.
◆Max. temperature:-30℃-150℃(Depending on the diaphragm)(Stainless steel actuators)
◆Max. temperature:-30℃-130℃(Depending on the diaphragm)(Plastic actuator)
◆Max.pressure:one way(DELTA P=100%)