Mixproof tank bottom valve

Working principle

The concept of this double seat valve is characterized by excellent flexibility and easy operation. The typical design let you feel the most perfect body assembled and equipment in all mixproof tank bottom valve.This mixing proof is remotely operated through compressed air. The mixing proof valve is constructed with two independent plugs, which will form a leakage chamber that interlinks to atmosphere under normal working status. When occasional failure of the medium leakage happens, medium will flow into the chamber and be discharged at the outlet. Here it will see if any conk out or seat seal detected, preventing the possibility of products contamination due to leakage and conk out. When the valve is open, the leakage chamber is closed.


Design Features

●Size:DN40-1.1/2"to DN100-4"
●The valve is equipped with a normally closed pneumatic actuator
●Forging ball type of valve body
●Compact design
●If there is a gush of fluid leaks from bottom of valve tube, you can determine whether the seal is damaged
●Easy to disassemble, just remove the clamps is enough
●Welding connection (mm or inch)
●Balance Protection Design
●Min.Pressure:Absolute Vacuum
●Working temperature:-10℃ - 130℃(140℃ For short periods or disinfection)


  • Mixproof tank bottom valve
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