DONJOY are members of the American 3A certification organization, 3A is a voluntary organization that committed to maintaining public health and quality of dairy products with unique industry regulatory process equipment, used for processing of dairy products 3A health standards. Donjoy basic covers 70% product already through the authentication technology, such as diaphragm valve(54-02), seat valve(53-06), mixing proof valve(85-03), ball valve(68-00), aseptic sampling valve(55-02), pressure safety valve(64-00), manhole cover(84-02), pump series(02-11), and fittings(63.03).

“DONJOY is the only company that pass nine series of products by American 3A certification organization in Asian sanitary pumps and valves field .”

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3A-02-11 3A-54-02 3A-63-03
3A-53-06 3A-55-02 3A-64-00