Rotor Pump

This pump is a positive displacement rotary lobe pumps , designed according to 3A sanitary standards for food. ● The device according to 3A-02-11 standard process control syetem and with strict hygiene requirements. Based on EU MD-42/06 / EC certification.

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump is made of stainless steel, with stainless steel motor housing. Sanitary and cost-effective design make it ideal for dairy products, beverages, food processing, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry, it is according to American 3A-02-11 standard and EU MD-42/06 / EC certification.

Mixing Pump (Mixer)

The mixer is used for mixing solids into the liquid. In the food processing industry, the mixer for the preparation of milk powder, syrup production, modulation of saline to provide online processing perfect solution.

Cleaning Technology

Rotary jet head , it is mainly used in the tanks and various containers cleaning , the largest cleaning diameter is 14M , maximum pressure is 10bar , it can keep a clean container equipment keep as ever.................

Diaphragm Valves

Biopharmaceutical diaphragm valves, manual, pneumatic, 1.4404,1.4435 BN2 <0.5%, 3A-54-02, FDA177.2600, EU PED / 97/23 / EC certification. SIZE 1/2 "-4", DN10-DN100

Mixing Proof Valve

The mixing proof valve is a double seat pneumatically operated valve , has been widely used in the food processing industry, beverage bio-pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. It can not only prevent contamination or mixing of two different media risk, but also can prevent the risk of contamination of seal damage. It is according to US 3-A-85-03 certification and with EU PED / 97/23 / EC approval