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2016-NEW-Diaphragm valves 2016-NEW-Diaphragm: straight through diaphragm valve, three way diaphragm valve, multi channel radial diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve, pneumatic and manual and various control diaphragm valve. Certification USA 3-A-54-02, FDA177.2600/177.5500, European PED97/23/EC English 7.16MB
DONJOY 2016, the latest product technology DONJOY 2016, the latest product technology: gulating valves, diaphragm valves, control valves, ball valves, electric control valves, safety valves, check valves, pressure relief valve, filling diaphragm valves consisting of the latest design any filter, explosion proof sight glass lamps and other products. English 4.01MB
DONJOY the comprehensive catalog DONJOY the comprehensive catalog:Automatic control valves, high purity pumps, biopharmaceutical diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, mixproof valve, double seat valves, Divert seat valve , angle seat valves, globe valves, check valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, constant pressure valves, back pressure valve, clean technology, sampling valves, aseptic sampling valve, sight glass, lighting technology, filters, manholes and other products English 2.73MB
Automatic control regulating valv automatic control regulating valv: Divert regulating valve,diaphragm valves, Ratio regulator valve, Modulating butterfly valve angle seat regulating valve , a variety of thin film structures regulating valve and control valve positioner. Signal input and output: 0-4 / 20mA, 0 / 5-10V. English 4.61MB
PUMPS High purity pumps: rotor pump,centrifugal pump,Self-priming pump, mixing pump, USA 3-A-02-11, European MD-06/42 / EC English 4.48MB
Divert seat valve and tank bottom valve Reversing valve: Pneumatic Divert seat valve, manual Divert seat valve and tank bottom valve of automation valves. Certification: 3-A-53-06, PED / 97/23 / EC. English 1.98MB
Double seat valve Double seat valve, mixproof tank bottom valve: Size 1.5 "-DN40 to 4" - DN100, material: 316L, 1.4404; certification: 3A-85-03; PED97 / 23 / EC; English 1.98MB
Ball valves High purity Ball valves: three non-stranded in Ball valve way ball valve without stranded, butterfly valve, through the valve, pneumatic valve, manual valve, automatic control ball valves. Certification: 3-A-68-00, FDA177.5500, PED97 / 23 / EC. English 2.48MB
Butterfly Valves Butterfly valves: Mixproof butterfly valve, manual butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve powders and various controlled butterfly valve. Certification: PED / 97/23 / EC; FDA177.2600; English 2.41MB
Angle seat valve Angle seat valve: pneumatic angle seat valve, manual angle seat valve, plastic and stainless steel actuator and regulating variety of automatic control angle seat valve. Interface mode, thread, clamp, welding, specifications 1/2 "-4", DN10-DN100; certification: PED / 97/23 / EC English 1.82MB
Globe Valve Globe Valve: Pneumatic valve, manual valve, plastic and stainless steel actuators and various automatic control regulating valve. Interface mode, thread, clamp, welding, specifications 1/2 "-4", DN10-DN100; certification: PED / 97/23 / EC, English 1.44MB
Sanitary fittings & Union Sanitary fittings: elbow, tee, head; Interface: welding, clamps, nuts and other connections; Health Union : thread from office, Union clamp, pipe bracket; Implementation of the standards: DIN SMS IDF ISO ASME BPE DIN11864 BS4825 Certification: USA 3A-63-03; FDA177.2600; English 6.25MB
Sight glass an lighting technical Sight glass: Straight mirrors, four mirrors, either by Sight glass, Sight glass clip by either scraping dust by either Sight glass, Sight glass flange Sight glass lighting technology: DC 24V lamps mirrors, lights by either visual mirror, Stone lights mirrors, multi-angle lighting technical Specifications: 1.5 "-6", DN40-DN200, material: 304 / 316L, power: DC24 V, AC220V, rechargeable English 2.88MB
Manhole Manhole: sight glass manhole, manhole round pressure, non-pressure circular manholes, manhole square, oval manhole; Material: 314 / 316L; Min size 200mm, MAX size 80mm; Certification: 3A- 84-02; English 1.69MB
Aseptic sampling valve Aseptic sampling valve: automatic reset valve head, handle valve head, pneumatic valve head, fine tuning valve head; Connection: clamps, welding; ; basic sampling valves: level valves, sampling valves, yogurt sampling valve, screw, clamp, welding.Certification: USA 3A-55-02 English 1.74MB
Pressure relief valve Pressure relief valve: L type of import and export, import and export-through; size 1 "-4", DN25-DN100; Material: 304 / 316L; perform standard DIN INCH, thread, clamp welding, flanges, etc. Certification: US 3A-64-00, English 1MB
Safety valve Safety valve: Pneumatic valve, quick exhaust valve manually, basic safety valve, DN10-1 / 2 "to 4" -DN100; Material: 304 / 316L; Certification: safety valve special equipment license, certificate number: TSX 71003820140006 English 1.5MB
Constant pressure valve Constant pressure valve /Backpressure valve: 1 "-3", DN25-DN80; 316L / 1.4404; Connection: threaded, flange, clamp, welding. Certification: 3A-64-00 English 1.26MB
Filter Microporous filter: 5 "-40", single and seven core filter material: 316L, surface: Ra0.4μm; pipe filters: straight through the filter, corner filters, Y-type filter material: 304 / 316L English 2.33MB
Cleaning technology Cleaning technology: rotary jet head, rotating cleaning ball, fixed cleaning ball, material: 304 / 316L English 2.06MB