Specification Data
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Industrial valve Industrial valve: ball valves, globe valves, and gate valves, Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, paper, for industrial water supply and drainage, fire protection, municipal engineering. SIZE: DN10-DN200, 1/2"-8", Material: CF3 CF8 CF3M CF8M, Pressure: PN10-PN25; English 6.76MB
Industrial ball valve series Industrial ball valve series:Mainly used in various industrial fields of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, water supply and drainage, fire protection;Size: DN10-DN200, Material: CF3 CF8 CF3M CF8M; English 1.6MB
I-Line Fittings I-Line Fittings: Elbow Tee Size Heads Various Structures, Size: 1/2"-4", Material: 304/316L, Surface: Ra0.5μm English 2.67MB
Flange series Flange: butt weld, socket, long weld, thread,Flat welding flanges, etc. SIZE: DN10-DN600, 1/2"-24", Material: 304/316L English 8.1MB
Cleaning valve Cleaning valve:It is mainly designed to solve the problem of preventing secondary pollution and cumbersome disassembly and assembly of tools when tank equipment is cleaned; SIZE:DN25-DN100,1"-4",Material: 304/316L,There are many styles selectable body structure; English 1.29MB
Radial diaphragm valve Radial diaphragm valve:SIZE:DN6-DN80,1/4"-3",Material: 1.4404/316L, 1.4435 NB2 Fe≤0.5%;Seal: EPDM FKM PTFE; Surface: Ra≤0.5%;Body structure: tank bottom, multi-channel, L-channel, T-channel and other structures English 1.64MB
Sanitary fittings Sanitary fittings: elbow, tee, head; Interface: welding, clamps, nuts and other connections; Health Union : thread from office, Union clamp, pipe bracket; Implementation of the standards: DIN SMS IDF ISO ASME BPE DIN11864 BS4825 Certification: USA 3A-63-03; FDA177.2600; English 12.24MB
Sight glass an lighting technical Sight glass: Straight mirrors, four mirrors, either by Sight glass, Sight glass clip by either scraping dust by either Sight glass, Sight glass flange Sight glass lighting technology: DC 24V lamps mirrors, lights by either visual mirror, Stone lights mirrors, multi-angle lighting technical Specifications: 1.5 "-6", DN40-DN200, material: 304 / 316L, power: DC24 V, AC220V, rechargeable English 2.96MB
Manhole Manhole: sight glass manhole, manhole round pressure, non-pressure circular manholes, manhole square, oval manhole; Material: 314 / 316L; Size 200mm to 1000mm, Certification: 3A- 84-02; English 1.27MB
Aseptic sampling valve Aseptic sampling valve: automatic reset valve head, handle valve head, pneumatic valve head, fine tuning valve head; Connection: clamps, welding; ; basic sampling valves: level valves, sampling valves, yogurt sampling valve, screw, clamp, welding.Certification: USA 3A-55-02 English 1.87MB
Pressure relief valve Pressure relief valve: L type of import and export, import and export-through; size 1 "-4", DN25-DN100; Material: 304 / 316L; perform standard DIN INCH, thread, clamp welding, flanges, etc. Certification: US 3A-64-00, English 1.33MB
Safety valve Safety valve: Pneumatic valve, quick exhaust valve manually, basic safety valve, DN10-1 / 2 "to 4" -DN100; Material: 304 / 316L; Certification: safety valve special equipment license, certificate number: TSX 71003820140006 English 1.92MB
Constant pressure valve Constant pressure valve /Backpressure valve: 1 "-3", DN25-DN80; 316L / 1.4404; Connection: threaded, flange, clamp, welding. Certification: 3A-64-00 English 1.61MB
Filter Microporous filter: 5 "-40", single and seven core filter material: 316L, surface: Ra0.4μm; pipe filters: straight through the filter, corner filters, Y-type filter material: 304 / 316L English 1.86MB
Cleaning technology Cleaning technology: rotary jet head, rotating cleaning ball, fixed cleaning ball, material: 304 / 316L English 2.17MB
Check valves Check: clamp-type check valve, three-type check valve, check valve nut; SIZE: 1 "-8", DN25-DN200, Material: 304,316L.Certification:PED/97/23/EC English 1.85MB