2019 China Import and Export Fair

On October 15, 2019, a grand event to show the wisdom and strength of China to the world was opened. The 126th China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair") officially kicked off in Pazhou, Guangzhou. Donjoy Technology brought a large number of products such as rotor pump, centrifugal pump, butterfly valve, ball valve and sanitary fittings to the event.

2019 7th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Exhibition

The 7th International Exhibition of Bio-fermentation Products and Technical Equipment (BIO CHINA) hosted by China Bio-Fragmentation Industry

Chinese international drugs manufacture mechanical exposition

Donjoy is unfolding with emphasis meets the technology: Biological drugs manufacture diaphragm valve and diaphragm valve system, ASME BPE pipeline and pipeline fitting, high pure pressure relief valve, safety valve as well as products and so on each kind of mutual lack of understanding type commutation regulating valve in the national drugs manufacture mechanical exposition.

China shenzhen international pharmaceutical industry exhibition

Donjoy attend the 19th China. Shenzhen international pharmaceutical industry exhibition & technology exchange meeting, we mainly introduced the diaphragm valve array system and multi-channel control valve diaphragm and no dead Angle seat valve and globe valve and so on has the international advanced level of various biological pharmaceutical using pump and valve in the exhibition.

Shanghai food processing technology and equipment exhibition

Donjoy launched a series of high clean technology exhibition, if non-retention 3-way ball valve, multi-channel multi-function ball valve, high IP68 protection grade clean pump, high pressure rotor pump pressure of 20 bar series products.

China international beer, beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition

We introduced many new technologies, new products, such as mixing valve array systems, the PID process control valve, high purity pump, obtain customer recognition and praise!

China packs processing technology science and technology exposition – PROPAK

Donjoy mainly shows the cleaning technology, food and beverage with automatic control valve, the control valve of pipeline and pressure vessel safety technology in the PROPAK .