On October 15, 2019, a grand event to show the wisdom and strength of China to the world was opened. The 126th China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair") officially kicked off in Pazhou, Guangzhou. Donjoy Technology brought a large number of products such as rotor pump, centrifugal pump, butterfly valve, ball valve and sanitary fittings to the event.

2019 China Import and Export Fair

Products are the company's research and development achievements and strengths. Dongzheng is constantly striving to continuously innovate the technology, the ever-changing market development and customer needs as its biggest challenge. The leading technology, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service system are deeply affected. The favor of merchants. Make the world go hand in hand, and join hands with customers around the world to achieve high-quality economic development!

China Import and Export Fair


Exhibition style

China Import and Export FairChina Import and Export FairChina Import and Export FairChina Import and Export Fair

Donjoy Technology has long adhered to the pursuit of technological innovation and technological innovation, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development in the industry, actively promoting technological innovation, and taking the exploration and enthusiasm of pump valves as the driving force to continuously break through the bastion of technology and do Customers prefer products to provide quality products to more customers.