Check Valve

Third generation high purity check valve
Third generation high purity check valve
Third generation high purity check valve
Third generation high purity check valve

Third generation high purity check valve


In 2015, DONJOY carried out a comprehensive technical update of the check valve. After the upgrade, the check valve has a smaller dead angle, smaller flow resistance, and the valve core is sealed with full PTFE. Satisfied with automatic welding, the technology meets ASME BPE, 3-A-6800, EHEDG high clean technical requirements.

◎Check valve is designed to prevent fluid from flowing back and ensure the flow to one way direction.
◎It can be used to reduce the loss of fluid back suction,avoid pipe is shock by liquid
◎It is used in the food-processing, beverages, winery, oil, cosmetics,pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries.

Principle of operation

◎ When the pressure of the fluid is greater than the suction pressure of the spring, the valve opens. When the two pressures are equal, the valve closes. A more powerful differential pressure can also close the valve.

Design and features

◎Specification DN-25/1" to DN-100/4"
◎External structure and shaft AISI 316L/304
◎Spring AISI 304
◎ Washer EPDM according to FDA 117.2600
◎Surface treatment Ra ≤0.8 μm
◎The gasket has NBR, FPM (fluoro rubber) or PTFE, FDA117.2600 (optional)
◎welding, thread, clamp, DIN, SMS RJT, IDF, ISO, 3A
◎ Nominal pressure: 10 bar
◎ Opening pressure: 0.3bar (DN-25) 0.2bar (DN-32/40) 0.1bar (DN-50/100) (can choose higher opening pressure)
◎ Working temperature: -10 ° C to +130 ° C (EPDM)

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Third generation high purity check valve
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