Double Seat Valve

Mixproof valve manifold
Mixproof valve manifold
Mixproof valve manifold
Mixproof valve manifold
Mixproof valve manifold

Mixproof valve manifold


The manifold can be assembled by containers with various functions together. It can improve working efficiency of system and control the whole production process. The manifold can choose any flexible hose pipe and jet deviator to change the flexure automatically. The kind of automatic operation is safe, flexible and effective. One set of manifold can served to multi pipelines. Meanwhile other containers are filled in or empty, operator can clean up any one of them. The liquid won't be  polluted.

Technical specifications

Size:1.5"-DN40 to 4"-DN100
Manifold:from 4 up to 48 valves
Air supply:5-7bar

Control Systems

◆With a simple C-TOP on every pneumatic actuator (solenoids and sensors)
◆With a C-TOP of AS-I field bus
◆Without C-TOP, solenoids are installed in the control panel and sensors on the pneumatic actuator
◆PLC control
◆The states of the valves can be displayed on the control panel

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Anti-Mixing Valve / Double Seat Valve Two-way, three-way, four-way, five-way, six-way, seven-way and other structures English 10.01MB
Valve Controller Contains, valve positioner, valve control unit, valve position feedback English 4.66MB
Single Seat Valve Manual, pneumatic, electric, two-way, three-way, four-way, five-way, six-way, seven-way, etc. English 3.18MB
Butterfly Valve Butterfly Valves for Straight, Tee, Multi-pass, Flange, Thread, Wafer, Powder, etc. English 4.87MB