Flexible Impeller Pump

Twin screw pump with motor directly

Twin-screw pump has self-priming ability and can transport various complex conditions such as solid particles, gas-liqui...

Flexible impeller pump

RX series flexible pump is a positive displacement pump with excellent self-priming performance, and its self-priming ca...

Flexible impeller pump

The RX series of flexible vane pumps are volumetric pumps with excellent self-priming performance and have self-priming ...

File Description Language Size
Flexible Impeller Pump It is a pump with flexible impeller, which has strong self-priming ability, no damage to particle transportation, and can be transported in forward and reverse directions ... English 4.66MB
Twin Screw Pump With strong self-priming ability, conveying solid particles, pressure 20bar, speed 3000RPM, flow 100m3 / h; English 6.14MB
Rotor Pump Including MINI STU, TU, STU series, pressure 20bar, flow 90m3, minimum flow 100L / h ... English 9.21MB
High Clean Pump High cleanness includes rotor pump, twin screw pump, centrifugal pump, self-priming pump, homogeneous pump, homogeneous mixing pump, flexible impeller pump, mixer, etc. English 7.83MB

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