Homogeneous Mixing Pump

Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU
Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU
Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU
Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU
Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU

Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU


Homogeneous mixing pump PMTU

The PM series is a multifunctional material-liquid mixing pump with functions of mixing, shearing, emulsifying, homogenizing, differentiating, refining, crushing and material improvement. Compare with traditional production process, this pump is simpler, more convenient and economical, it can improve the production efficiency& improve the quality of the materials to be treated. Mainly used in food, beverages, dairy products, additives, personal care, biopharmaceuticals, thickeners, industrial applications.

Technical specifications   

The maximum processing capacity of powder: 9000KG/h
Maximum processing of thickeners: 3000KG/h (depending on material viscosity and concentration)
Maximum temperature: 130 ° C
Material: 304 /316L, 1.431/1.4404, ASME BPE 316L, 1.4435 NB2 Fe≤0.5%
Surface treatment : ≤ Ra0.8μm, ≤ Ra0.6μm, ≤ Ra0.4μm
Machine seal: single machine seal and double machine seal
Inlet/outlet connections: Thread, clamp, flange, sterile flange
Certification: 3-A-02-10 (N.O.1579); MD/06/42-EC (N.O.70521616101-00); FDA 177.2600; USP CLASS-II; EG/VO1935/2004;

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