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Lobe pump

What working conditions are lobe pump suitable for ?

Question 1: What is lobe pump ?

Answer : Lobe pump(rotor pump) refers to a pump that changes the working volume through the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body, thereby increasing the energy of the liquid. The rotary lobe pump is a rotary positive displacement pump with positive displacement properties and its flow does not change with back pressure changes.

Question2: What medium is lobe pump suitable for ? 

Answer: Lobe pump suitable for high viscosity medium ,suggest over 500cps . Low visoscity medium also could use lobe pump but choose a larger modle .

Question 3: Is Lobe pump suitable for mdium which including particle ?

Answer : Yes .

Question 4 : What is highest temperature ?

Answer : The standard configuration has a maximum temperature of 130 degrees Celsius, and there are also high temperature configurations with a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

Question 5: What is the main purpose of lobe pump ?

Answer: Mainly used for transport high viscosity media, such as Chocolate, salad dressing, honey, cream and other high viscosity medium

Question 6 : What are the main advantages of DONJOY lobe pump compared with other brand lobe pump ?

 Answer : Long service life, multiple configurations, simple maintenance, high pressure & cost performance.

Question 7: How long is the warranty period ?

Answer :12 months .

Question 8 : Why we have to choose Donjoy ?

Answer : Donjoy is a manufacturer specializing in the production of intelligent valves, sanitary pumps, fittings , manhole, filters and so on, With wide range of products, professional technical research & development department, mature sales team, modern production workshop and equipment, after-sales service, with 3A, CE, ISO, FDA, etc. International Certification. Wide range of products, excellent quality, cost-effective, worthy of your trust !