ATEX certification (Directive 2014/34/EU)

The controller series, positioner series and feedback series produced by Dongzheng have passed the EU explosion-proof ATEX certification (Directive 2014/34/EU).


DONJOY are members of the American 3A certification organization, 3A is a voluntary organization that committed to maintaining public health and quality of dairy products with unique industry regulatory process equipment, used for processing of dairy products 3A health standards. Donjoy basic covers 70% product already through the authentication technology, such as diaphragm valve(54-02), seat valve(53-06), mixing proof valve(85-03), ball valve(68-00), aseptic sampling valve(55-02), pressure safety valve(64-00), manhole cover(84-02), pump series(02-11), and fittings(63.03).
“DONJOY is the only company that pass nine series of products by American 3A certification organization in Asian sanitary pumps and valves field .”

PED/97/23/EC & MD/06/42EC

DONJOY has get through the authentication of PED-97/23/EC and MD-06/42/EC which put into effect by Germany TÜV institution.
Model for quality assurance H&Materials (Fittings) manufacturing certification, Machinery safety directive MD-06/42/EC.
Certificate for valves NO.CE 0036.
Certificate for pumps NO.705201402401-00.


DONJOY, manufacture hygienic valve, pumps and fluid equipments, etc., the gaskets which contact with material have been got prove by U.S.Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and federal regulation No. 21: CRF 21 FDA177.2600 and FDA177.1550 authentication. It covers: EPDM, VITON(FPM), SILICON, HNBR, etc., rubbers and PTFE plastic materials.


DONJOY got through the enterprise quality management system certification by CQC, ISO9001-2008/GB/T9001-2008. The certificate No.: 00114Q29073R3M/3302.

Special manufacturing license(TS) for safety valve

DONJOY got through special equipment manufacturing license for safety valve, DONJOY is the first company that passed high clean safety valve special manufacturing license inland now.

National high-tech company

DONJOY, after more than 20 years of development and technology research and development, earned a national high and new technology company in 2011.

Zhejiang province famous trademark

DONJOY, with advanced technology、excellent quality and perfect after-sales service system. earned Zhejiang province famous trademark by Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau in 2012.

hygienic license

DONJOY got through hygienic license by Ontario Ministry of Health, license No: S0083.

observe contract and keep promise

Our purpose: to provide customer with reliable products and excellent service.
2010 won the "AA" contract and trustworthy enterprise;
2012 Won the business credit "AAA" contract and trustworthy enterprise of Zhejiang Province.

Scientific and technological& innovation-type Company

Enterprises success depend on innovative of design, Donjoy's success is from the spirit of innovationIn 2008, Donjoy rated as the provincial science and technology enterprises honorary titleIn 2012, Donjoy is being assessed as innovative enterprises

Research and development center company& Patent demonstration company

DONJOY is the leader that constant to do the innovation of technology, regarding the Rapid requirements of development of market and customer as their biggest challenge. Thus, we possess many patent technology, a number of invention patents, More than about 100 utility model patents and numerous product appearance patents. such as
In 2012, DONJOY earned a patent demonstration company.
In 2013, DONJOY earned research and development center company.