Centrifugal Pump

Large flow centrifugal pump MLX
Large flow centrifugal pump MLX
Large flow centrifugal pump MLX
Large flow centrifugal pump MLX

Large flow centrifugal pump MLX


The MLX series is a high-flow centrifugal pump with open impeller design. The hydraulic model is designed with CED to improve the over-flow performance of low-viscosity particulate materials and reduce the shear of materials under the premise of ensuring high-efficiency hydraulic performance. Cut and damage, the pump casing and liquid contact parts are all made of 304/316L stainless steel. It is mainly used for the transportation of solid particles and low-viscosity weak corrosive materials such as juice fermentation broth, wort and food and beverage juice jam. It can also be used for general industrial water or drinking water treatment.

Technical specifications

Flow Flow: 100m3-1000m3
Head Head: 40 H/M
Temperature Temperature : -20 to 140 ° C
Power power :11kw-130KW
Material Material: 304 /316L, 1.431/1.4404, ASME BPE 316L, 1.4435 NB2 Fe≤0.5%
Surface treatment: ≤ Ra0.8μm, ≤ Ra0.6μm, ≤ Ra0.4μm
Machine seal: single machine seal (see configuration scheme); 
Inlet/outlet connection: flange, sterile flange; Inlet/Outlet Connection : Flanged, Aseptic flanged
Certified: 3-A-02-10 (N.O.1579); MD/06/42-EC (N.O.70521616101-00); FDA 177.2600; USP CLASS-II; EG/VO1935/2004;

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Centrifugal Pump-LX LX, CLX, SLX, SCLX, KLX, series is a fully open impeller, high clean centrifugal pump ... English 11.95MB
Centrifugal Pump-DLX DLX is a sanitary multi-stage centrifugal pump with a maximum head of 280 meters and a maximum flow of 80m3 ... English 4.57MB
Centrifugal Pump-MLX MLX is a large flow centrifugal pump with a maximum flow of 2000m3 / h and a maximum head of 4O meters. English 4.02MB
Centrifugal Pump-BS BS is a closed impeller centrifugal pump with a maximum flow of 60m3 and a maximum head of 40 meters. English 3.86MB
Self-priming Pump-ZLX ZLX is a self-priming centrifugal pump. It has both a centrifugal pump and a self-priming pump ... English 6.5MB
High Clean Pump High cleanliness includes rotor pump, twin screw pump, centrifugal pump, self-priming pump, homogeneous pump, homogeneous mixing pump, flexible impeller pump, mixer, etc ... English 7.83MB